Before the application

Kinesiology tape is made from high quality cotton with hypoallergenic acrylic glue. The tape does not contain latex. Thanks to the material used, the tape is very comfortable to wear and there is a minimum chance of skin irritation.

The tape must be applied on clean, dry and oil-free skin. For cleaning, use soapy water and dry the skin very well afterwards. In case the hair covers the affected area, we recommend to shorten it.

NOTICE: You should not shave the place before application, as it could lead to skin irritation.

In case you were doing sport, it is important to clean your skin e.g. by soapy water or by alcohol. Make sure that your skin will not be sweating.

Lightly hairy areas will not be a problem for the tape adhesion and functionality. Anyway, we recommend you to shorten areas with a significant amount of hair (e.g. head) to achieve the best results.

NOTICE: You should not shave the place before application, as it could lead to skin irritation.

Tape removal

There are different techniques how to remove the tape, however, in order to minimize skin irritation, follow our instructions. Generally, the tape removal is uncomfortable on the unshaved body parts. We do not recommend fast removal, because it leads to skin irritation which can prevent you to apply new tape in the affected place. For smoother removal, it is possible to use soapy water or shower gel. Wet the tape and place your finger exactly in front of that part of the tape, which you intend to remove, and press. This procedure helps to calm down the skin and makes removal more comfortable. Another option is to use baby oil or olive oil for at least 15 to 20 minutes before removal. Cotton will absorb the oil and removal is much easier.


In this case do not apply the tape. Tape cannot be used on problematic skin, such as abrasions, cuts, burns, sunburns or any kind of rash.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to at first try a small piece of tape on not visible part of the body. Stick small piece of the tape for 24 hours, if during the time your skin gets irritated, remove the piece and do not apply the tape.

  • Do not apply the tape, that is tightened to maximum, it can cause blisters.
  • Do not apply the tape on open wounds.
  • Do not apply the tape on the place with blood clot.
  • Do not use the tape if you had an allergic reaction to it previously.