Who are we and what we are doing

BronVit is not just another registered company on the market. It is a philosophy and the way of life we are living and which we bring to our products and services.

We are climbing, jumping, go for new challenges, falling and stumbling, but also relaxing and just watching TV. Same as you do.
Our logo is a white horse, which was created by connecting two elements „bron“ (archaic name for white horse) and „vitalis“ (full of life).
The horse means individuality, personality and movement. The animal, which follows human from the very beginning of our history as a warrior and as a helper in the times of peace. Always a hard worker, draft-horse and loyal friend.

Why to choose BronVit tapes?

Czech brand

We bring you the first Czech brand of taping tapes. We developed our brand and tape itself according to the latest findings and needs of professional athletes, physiotherapists, but also according to your needs, our customers’ needs. Find out that BronVit tape is confidently competitive to already established worldwide brands and in some aspects, is even better. Try yourselves that BronVit tape is not just “a placebo” or “some colourful tape”, but very useful medical equipment, which helps your muscles to relax, speed up their regeneration and prevent undesired injuries.

Free manuals

You can find simple instructions on how to tape correctly in every package of our tapes. These instructions are prepared to be illustrative, but practical. For more information, you can download detailed e-book containing instructions for taping different parts of the body. Discover the world of tapes and find out yourselves that taping is not just about visiting your physiotherapist. With our instructions, you will find out that you can tape most of the muscles yourself with your partner. The taping tape will then become a usual part of your home first aid kit.

High quality

The quality is essential for us since very beginning of our work. Our tapes meet all CE and ISO standards. Its ratio of elasticity, adhesion, breathability and water resistance ensures its place among the top-quality products on the market. All these attributes with hypoallergenic material and usage more than 7 days. Quality and functionality was performed in dozens of tests on the ground, in the water, in the tropical climate, but also in temperatures below zero. Thanks to that we can say with a clean conscience that we are bringing the best from the world of taping. „Verified and tested by people“

There is always something more

BronVit tapes will always give you something extra. Except of the free manuals and e-book, we prepare number of competitions and challenges during the year, which are always announced through the social networks. As well we have a special loyalty program for you. Register, collect points and then simply choose something from our constantly growing bonus offer. Would you like to find something specific in our bonus program? Let us now, we are here for you.

Our vision

We are not sprinting, but running a marathon. We prefer quality above nowadays quantity. We are working hard, so our brand is connected not just with quality and originality, but primarily satisfaction and so we become an invisible, but functional part of your life. We will be happy for your recommendations, tips, opinions, praise, but also critics. All your feedbacks will always help us to move forward.

Our mission

The highest priority of our development is the number of our satisfied customers. We intend to bring quality and unique solution to human lives. During our short history, we created a number of new products and several original ideas. Our mission is to be unique, independent and give you all the best, because your success means our satisfactions and further development, the way how to become better and better.