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BronVit Sport Kinesio tape set

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BronVit Sport „TAPE IS EASY“

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For professional sport activity, but also for your daily life...


Do not give up on any activity you choose, just because you are limited by the pain! BronVit tape will help you to get back to the game!


Are you sitting long working hours in front of the computer and you are suffering from neck pain or you are working manually and you are suffering from the back pain? BronVit tape will help you to relieve the pain.


Care for the elderly members of the family, pregnancy, baby or kids. In all stages of everyday life BronVit tape helps to relieve the pain and fatigue.

Positive effect of BronVit tape

Relieves pain

Strengthens muscles and tendons

Stabilizes joints and supports mobility

Increases skin flexibility and smooths scars

Activates blood circulation

Encourages optimal muscle engagement

Why to choose BronVit tape?

Czech brand

We developed our brand and tape itself according to the latest findings and needs of professional athletes, physiotherapists, but also according to your needs, our customers’ needs. Find out that BronVit tape is confidently competitive to already established worldwide brands.

Free manuals

You can find simple instructions in every package of our tapes. For more information, you can download detailed e-book containing instructions for taping different parts of the body. Discover the world of tapes and find out that you are able to tape most of the muscles yourself with your partner.

High quality

The quality is essential for us since very beginning of our work. Our tapes meet all CE and ISO standards. Its ratio of elasticity, adhesion, breathability and water resistance ensures its place among the top-quality products on the market. „Verified and tested by people“

There is always something more

BronVit tapes will always bring you something extra. Except of the free manuals and e-book, we prepared special loyalty program for you. Register, collect points and then simply choose something from our constantly growing bonus offer.


We provide you illustrated instructions step by step for all your body and its most common problems.

Návody na tejpování

Shoulder joint

Pain of shoulder joint
Rotator cuff pain
Unidentifiable blade pain


Lower back pain
Pain of the hip and knee joint
Lumbar spine pain


I was personally participating on the development and creation of BronVit tapes as a physiotherapist. During my professional experience of more than 20 years I had a chance to work with dozens of different tape types and I can responsibly state, that BronVit tapes are among the best products on nowadays market.

Ladislav Alinče


Lea Bucherová

office assistant
Several years of work in the office in front of the computer had major impact on my wrist, which resulted in inflammation of the tendons. Because I am not fan of pills and injections, I was searching for another solution how to get rid of the pain. Until then I had no experience with taping, so it came as a surprise to me how fast the taping helped me to relieve the pain.
I am being a majorette already for several years and because I was limited in mobility by the shoulder pain in my right arm, which is crucial for a majorette, I decided to try taping. By chance I discovered BronVit on the internet and since then I can not live without it. The pain decreased drastically and I can train again 100 %.

Karolina Zahrádková


Dennis Šurbek

I love racing, challenges and I am not afraid of changes, so I was not hesitating and tried BronVit tapes, with which I am more than satisfied. Tapes supports me even in the most difficult moments and that is why I can recommend BronVit tapes.